Auteur Films Ltd. -

Auteur is currently in post production with Tell Tale Heart and Shakespeare's Heroes and Villains which recently finished shooting. 

     Bluer Than The Sky

Surfing is sixteen-year-old Iris’s world, and when the ultra-talented Zeke walks into her life, it soon becomes her passion.

Over one amazing summer, as she is drawn into his sphere, she experiences love, new friendships, but also loss, with an intensity she never dreamed of.

But is Zeke all he seems? What hides beneath his glamorous and mysterious past? When Iris decides to try for her own surfing success, just as her ex-boyfriend comes back into her life, she will test her talent, and her feelings for Zeke, to the limit.


       Stanley A Man Of Variety

Stanley is about middle aged man who enjoys watching classic British films and TV shows from the 1960/70’s. He soon finds himself in prison for a crime that he believes that he didn’t commit and after many years in solitary confinement he begins to talk to his comedy heroes from the past as each one tries to help him remember what he’s done.

In this hilarious and sometimes moving comedy we follow Stanley through his journey of hallucinations as he faces up to his unusual upbringing and his parents bizarre religious beliefs. 

Stanley becomes desperate to learn the truth about what happened to his daughter and lead the ordinary life he has already dreamed of.

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